Get to know me 

I am a certified image consultant and personal stylist based in the heart of New York City. I studied image consulting at the Fashion Institute of Technology and now provide my services to women, men and corporations. My mission is to use fashion and style to help clients achieve looks that make them feel more confident and  beautiful.

After ten years in the financial world and co-founder of a portfolio management company on Wall Street, I decided to leave the industry altogether to follow my passion of helping others. 

I recognized early in my career that people who wear garments that fit well and are flattering have more confidence and are typically the ones getting promotions at work. This fueled my passion to educate others on how to dress expressively but still appropriately in the workplace and in social settings. 

I'm committed to my clients and work closely with them to achieve their goals whether it be a promotion at work or personal lifestyle change. I listen carefully to my clients' needs and find the right styles through assessing body types, face shapes and skin tones. I'm privy to all the latest styles and colors through working at New York's Fashion Week for the past seven seasons, which allows my clients to have an insight into all the latest trends.

As an image consultant, I always aim to exceed my clients' expectations by providing a transformative, one of a kind experience. I strive to make each person I work with more  confident and ready to get everything he or she has always wanted out of life.