Our Personal Services

Image Consulting
Do you recognize areas that need improvement whether it be a hairstyle you've had for ten years or eyewear that was never really flattering? Do you often feel insecure in social settings due to your appearance? We've all had that moment of feeling that we were not dressed appropriately or the garments we were wearing didn't truly show our individual personality. What if after only three hours you were given the tools and tips needed to feel secure and confident in any situation or environment? 
This is all possible through the power of image consulting. Image consulting is an umbrella of services that is unique to every individual and focuses on body type, face shape and skin tone, accurately revealing which styles and colors work best for you. Once you master these three concepts, you will have the tools needed to dress for every occasion while looking fabulous and always leaving a positive long lasting impression.
Prior to the consultation, we will discuss your preferences, style and budget in order to tailor the session according to your needs. I will show you how to dress for every social situation and how to arrange your wardrobe accordingly. 
Whether you are seeking a promotion at work or simply want to know which garments work best for you, I will show you how to achieve confidence through your wardrobe and present yourself as the best version of YOU.
Package includes:
- Body type assessment: silhouettes and styles that are most flattering to your shape. 
- Color analysis: colors, prints and textures for your color season. 
- Hair/accessory assessment: recommendations for hair cut/color, eyewear and accessories that accentuate your face shape and skin tone. 
- Shopping: best retailers and brands for your body type, style and budget. 
Price: $450
Color Analysis

Have you often wondered if you are wearing colors that are flattering to your skin tone? What if I told you there are colors that can make you look fresher and give you a more youthful appearance? Everybody knows how important first impressions are. As a matter of fact, the "first impression" is actually only a seven second window upon meeting someone for the first time. 

Color analysis is the process of determining colors that work best with one's natural skin coloring. This process begins with color sampling and draping fabrics near your face to determine if you are an autumn, winter, spring or summer. Once your season is determined, you can walk into any store and quickly recognize colors that will give you that glow you always wanted. 


Wearing your best colors will:

- Make you feel more confident and appear youthful. 

- Draw attention to your eyes. 

- Brighten your smile. 

- Get you noticed. 

- Bring you compliments on a daily basis.

Price: $100 

Closet Detox

How would it feel knowing that every piece in your wardrobe fits you perfectly? Have you ever gone to your closet and found nothing to wear? Then it's time to cleanse that closet and begin with clothing you truly love and feel great in!  

The focus is to edit your wardrobe starting with your clothes but also including, shoes, accessories and jewelry. I will sort through items that are dated, not suitable for your body type or are simply the wrong color. Items will be accessed for repairs and or donations. 

A shopping list is created during this process to include wardrobe essentials. Having an organized closet and knowing what you have will help you create outfits more easily while saving time. 

Price: $500 (up to 5 hours) 

Personal Shopping

Have you been wearing an endless rotation of the same ten items in your closet? Do you have garments with tags that you don't wear for numerous reasons?  Then it's time to upgrade your wardrobe and discover the new YOU!

After a short consultation to discuss personal style and budget, we will shop at a selection of the best stores that fit your lifestyle and fashion goals. I work with all budgets and shop at retailers you will recognize and already love. A fitting room of pre-selected items will be waiting for you upon your arrival at our first shopping destination.      

While shopping, I will guide you on how to quickly determine items that work for you, which will save you time and money. Personal Shopping includes, color analysis, body type assessment and how to style your new wardrobe. By simply adding a few staple pieces, colors and textures, you will achieve that polished look you've always wanted. 

Personal Shopping includes 1.5 hours of pre-shopping 

Half day: 3 hours $450*

Full day:  5 hours $600*


Back to the Closet: 1 hour $150

We shopped and now you have all these new and fabulous pieces to add to your wardrobe. Not sure about which items will work with your existing collection?No worries! I can come to your home, create complete looks, and provide polaroids so you have snapshots of options. I will organize your new garments to fit neatly in your closet so you are ready for the next board meeting, social event or dinner with that special someone!

A La Carte Services

We offer personalized services including etiquette, makeup and grooming to name just a few. All you have to do is contact us, we’ll then schedule a meeting, discuss your needs and define your goals in order to plan a customized program that will definitely get you to where you want to be.