Your Ultimate Step by Step Spring Wardrobe Guide!

With the very unusual “pleasant” weather we are experiencing this week in NYC, some of you are probably already thinking of ways to update and reorganize your closet so that getting dressed everyday is easier and perfect to make the best of this early taste of spring we are experiencing.

Throughout the month of march, I will be guiding you on how to Detox your Closet and add key pieces to it while taking into consideration colors, trends and spring essentials!

The first point to consider for a wardrobe organizing is colors, defining which ones look best with the skin tone and body shape, while taking into consideration some of the fashion trends!

Starting with colors we’ll be seeing a lot of this spring;

Pink Overdose:

Get ready to experience a pink overdose this season! Gentlemen this is for you too

The palette for this spring ranges from very cold to shocking pink, so don’t be afraid to experiment and see what will look best on you!

White lace and buttermilk color:

All the different shades of white are going to be very present this year, in fact white is one of the colors that can look flattering on all skin colors and body shapes!

Pantone listed Buttermilk as one of the colors for SS 17 and we’ve seen it everywhere!

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