Key Spring Pieces You Need Right Now

The second part of this closet cleanse series is all about knowing the key pieces to looking flawless next spring. Through this guide, I will introduce you to the seven pieces you will be seeing everywhere for the next coming months.

1- Ruffle everything:

This can be your savior when you have nothing to wear! A ruffle shirt or dress is the perfect romantic addition to your day, You can easily add it to any basic piece and you will instantly end up with an Instagram worthy outfit.

2. Sandals & Mules

Or where comfy meets trendy! Sandals and Mules are you’re go to when you don’t feel like wearing heals but still want to look classy, they can work for the office as much as they can for running errands.

3- Share your opinion:

As seen during this fashion week/month, clothes are becoming a way to share strong opinions. Whether you prefer shirts, jackets or bags; make your voice heard by matching your opinion to your outfit of the day!

4- Embroidered Jeans:

Embroidered Jeans work perfectly for relaxed shopping sessions and weekends where we just want to reunite with our friends and be comfortable. They can also be easily elevated with a pair of high heels and a nice statement top or a blazer for a professional touch!

5- White and Silver accessories

Shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, you name it! We love this trend because it will give character to the simplest outfit you can think of, don’t be afraid to add a splash of white and silver to your everyday looks!

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